This semester, I became a fourth grade student, we ushered in a new Chinese teacher - teacher Wei, he is medium, gentle, very kind.


Mr. Wei is active and humorous in class. Let me headache of Chinese class in teacher Wei's classroom is so attractive to me, all of a sudden I brought into the world of books. My Chinese performance has always been poor, new words are always hard to remember, writing level is not good, but in the relaxed classroom atmosphere of teacher Wei, new words, words seem not so strange, step by step into my mind, I now more and more like reading, but also feel a lot of fun from the book. Every time Mr. Wei asked a question, the students were always scrambling to raise their hands to speak, and I joined them, from passive to active. Mr. Wei always tutored me patiently. He told me that "as long as I have a correct learning attitude and improve my interest in learning, I will be a good student". Thank you for your encouragement.

魏老师讲课既活跃性又风趣。让脑壳疼的语文课堂在魏老师的课堂教学上则是那麼的吸引住我,一下子就将我带进了书的全球里。我的语文课考试成绩一直都不太好,生词老是记不得,写作能力也是不好,可是在魏老师轻轻松松的课堂教学气氛里,生词、词句仿佛没那麼生疏了,一步一步进到我的脑海中里,现在我愈来愈喜爱去看书,也是从书里感受到许多的快乐。每一次魏老师提出问题时,学生们一直蜂拥而至举手发言,因为我添加到她们的队伍,由处于被动变成了积极。魏老师一直细心的指导我,他跟我说“只需摆正学习的态度,提升自学能力,我一定能够 变成一名优秀生”,魏老师感谢您帮我的激励。

Mr. Wei is such a respected and beloved teacher. Thank you! I will always be a good teacher!