I like Xiang Yu, perhaps when he bid farewell to his concubine. At that time, he put aside his forthrightness and the power of the battlefield, leaving only a common and sincere feeling. He sang sad songs, sad like a child.


Although Xiang Yu is a failed hero. But there is a good tradition in Chinese historiography that heroes are not judged by success or failure, which is historical materialism. His failure stems from the weakness of his human nature. He learned without trace, refused to read, and tried the art of war; His character is cruel, and he always takes hundreds of thousands of prisoners; He was indecisive and made a big mistake by letting Liu Bang go; He is a personal hero. He often kills enemies alone and revels in his martial arts. These are all factors of his failure. But at the last moment of failure, he created a spark of human nature and achieved another self.


Since ancient times, the winner is the king and the loser is the enemy. Xiang Yu is a failed overlord. Xiang Yu may not be the winner of the war, but a legend of history.


Heroes are not judged by success or failure. Although Xiang Yu was defeated, he was still proud. Xiang Yu is an immortal legend and a historical legend.


The times make heroes, but heroes can't decide the times. Xiang Yu, you are an indelible legend.