In a sunny morning, I was doing my homework, only heard the door "Dong Dong" Dong Dong "ring, I opened the door, ah, it was my sister and brother, I asked them what happened? They said they would stay at my house for a day, but I hesitated a little, because this brother has a bad habit: he likes to touch other people's things, but I agreed.


In the afternoon, we took a nap together and adjusted the air conditioner to 25 degrees. Then we fell asleep. However, when we woke up, we felt a little cold around us. Unexpectedly, he turned on the air conditioner and turned it on 16 degrees. I turned off the air conditioner first, and then hit him a few times. I hope he can correct his mistakes, but he still laughed.


In the evening, we went to Anren square to play together. I brought some pocket money and wanted to buy some delicious food for them. At this time, my younger brother said, "sister, you are tired. Let me take your bag." I gave the bag to him and thought he was very good. In this way, we were tired of playing. I went to my brother to get the bag back and wanted to buy yogurt. But when I opened the bag, it was empty. It turned out that he bought a toy car with the money.


Well, he's still like that.