There is a "storyteller" in our class. How does he speak? Please listen to me.


He's not tall, but he has a big voice and likes to tell stories.


Once, the teacher told him to get up and tell a story about Zhou Yu. As soon as he stood up, he began to shake his head and say, "Zhou Yu is a narrow-minded man..." while he was talking, he made movements. When the tone of a word was high, his head could not help leaning up. When the tone of a word was low, he could not help but put his hand down, It's like he's immersed in it himself.


I remember another time, the teacher asked him to read the text. As soon as he picked up the book, he began to shake his head. The students reminded him, but he didn't hear it. He read so attentively.


Every time he tells stories in class, they are full of strange things, and his rich language and dancing movements always make us laugh.


This is our "storyteller", a humorous and interesting "gentleman".